The protection of the Customer 's personal data is governed by the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data 2016/679 / EU and in general the current national and European legal and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.
    Our company firmly believes in the protection of the personal data you disclose to us and in the provision of transparent, personal and reliable services. Therefore, read this Personal Data Protection Statement carefully, in order to be informed about your personal data that the company collects and how it uses and protects your personal data, as well as the relevant options and rights you have.

    What is personal data

    It is any information that can be attributed to your face. For example information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

    Data Archive: Any structured set of personal data, which are accessible based on specific criteria.

    Data Processing: Any work that applies to personal data, such as collecting, registering, organizing, preserving or modifying, modifying, exporting, interfacing, freezing, deleting, destroying.

    What personal data does the company collect?

    Personal Data: Each visitor can browse the Company's website without giving any personal information.

    The company will need personal data of the visitor / user (email, username, password, real name, address, region, city postal code, contact phone) only when you proceed to create an account on our website and register in the online store or you want subscribe to the company newsletter in order to be informed about our new products and offers or you want to buy one of our products.

    Personal data related to the purchase of products with RBM: The necessary information for each transaction is your name, address, region, city, postal code, contact telephone and e-mail address. At the same time, we may optionally request some information such as a mobile number in case direct contact with you is required.

    Personal Data concerning the purchase of products with an invoice: In case you wish an invoice, we additionally need the name of your company, the main activity, VAT number, Tax Office, registered office of the company, contact details.

    In case of online order, if you choose the credit card as a method of payment, you will be required to enter your card details (number, expiration date).

    The above-mentioned data are considered necessary and necessary by both parties, with our users - members / clients, who in addition, consent to the creation of a file, the collection of data, the processing, the maintenance, for the execution of contractual obligations (e.g. receiving, executing, invoicing and sending an order, informing the customer). The right to object or to withdraw the consent is reserved.

    Collection and purpose of data

    The collection of personal data takes place only if you voluntarily choose to provide it - for example, if you contact by email or if you register as customers of the COMPANY products and services.

    The use of the products and services provided by the headquarters of the company, including the provision of online ordering services of the products of the COMPANY, presupposes the possibility of communication with you. Therefore, it is necessary during your registration on the website "www.ziras.gr" to state the true personal data that will be requested, as specified above.

    By registering for the services provided by "www.ziras.gr" you also consent to the storage and use of your personal data, in accordance with this Statement. We are allowed to process your personal data in order to provide personalized services, according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Your personal data is not used for purposes other than those described in the Declaration, unless we obtain your prior permission, or unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

    The purpose of the collection, use and processing of your personal data, is (a) the provision of services and products that you request either through the website, or by phone, or by fax, or through the physical store of the company for the receipt of which is required their use and / or processing e.g. online orders and the consequent implementation of contractual obligations, in the context of execution, delivery and pricing of orders under the best conditions and in the most efficient way, (b) the promotion of products and services

    provided by the company in particular through "www.ziras.gr" (c) the provision of personalized services and the facilitation of the ordering process, in order to facilitate the user and / or to ensure that the content of the website is presented in the most efficient way for you and your computer.

    The company may ask you to provide certain personal information to send informational messages about products and services and / or related offers and announcements. Also, ask for your permission for certain uses of your personal data and you can either consent to or deny those uses. If you want specific services or communications, such as a newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe from the relevant recipient list at any time by following the instructions contained in each communication. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and / or information before we can process your request.

    In summary, the company requests and uses your personal data for:

    To improve our products and your experience on the business website.
    To contact you about the products and services you may be interested in
    To supply you with products you have requested from us.
    To use your information to send information about the promotions and special offers of the Company.

    Natural rights under the GCC (2016/679)

    If you wish, you can request at any time to be informed about your personal data held by our company, their recipients, the purpose of keeping and processing them as well as their modification, correction or deletion, by sending a relevant email to info@ziras.gr from the email address you have provided, attaching a copy of your police ID. You also have the right to review the personal data we hold and in general to exercise any right provided by law for the protection of personal data.

    The personal data that you disclose to our company through "www.ziras.gr" via email, by telephone, via FAX, or through your presence in the physical store of the company, are collected and used and processed according to the respective existing provisions on the protection of personal data. and in particular, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and any newer or older legal framework in force.

    You reserve the following rights in detail:

    Right to be informed about your personal data: Upon your request, we will provide you with information about the personal data we hold about you.
    Right to correct and supplement your personal data: If you notify us, we will correct any inaccurate personal data concerning you. We will fill in incomplete data if you notify us, provided that this data is necessary for the purposes of processing your data.
    Right to delete your personal data: Upon your request, we will delete the personal data we hold about you. However, certain data will only be deleted after a specified retention period, for example because in some cases we are required by law to retain the data, or because the data is required to meet our contractual obligations to you.
    Right to freeze your personal data: In certain cases provided by law, we will freeze your data if you request it.
    Right to withdraw your consent: You can revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data in the future at any time. The legality of the processing of your data remains unaffected by this action, to the point of revoking your consent.
    In case of violation of your personal data, you reserve the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifissias, PC 115 23, Athens, 30 210 6475600, contact@dpa.gr).

    Transfer / Transfer of personal data

    Our company does not share or transmit personal data with third parties, unless this is required by law or constitutes a necessary action to fulfill our contractual obligation to you, such as the transfer of your data to a courier company or transport company to execute the order you have done.

    Our company employees who have access to the data are required to maintain the confidentiality of this data.

    Our company may store your personal data in the cloud. This means that your personal data can be processed by a business cloud service and your personal data can be stored in different locations around the world, but there is no further disclosure to third parties. The company uses organizational and contractual measures to protect personal data and to impose clauses and restrictive requirements on our cloud service providers, so that your personal data remains secure.

    Retention time of personal data

    The data you disclose to our company through the creation of an account is kept by us as long as your account is active. If you request the deletion of your account, your personal data will be deleted within one month from the submission of your request. In case you do not use your account at all for a period of five (5) years, the company will send you a relevant information in the media you have stated in order to tell it if you wish to maintain or delete your data and cessation of their use from now on. If you do not reply within sixty (60) days, your details will be deleted.

    In case of commercial transaction with our company we will keep your necessary personal data for a period of ten (10) years unless the law provides for a longer period

    Security of personal data

    Our Company recognizes the importance of the issue of the security of your Personal Data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, in order to ensure your maximum possible security. All information, which is related to your personal data and your transactions, is secure and confidential. The security of the Online Store of the website "www.ziras.gr" is achieved by the following methods: Customer Identification. The passwords used for your identification are two: the Password (e-mail or username) and the Personal Secret Security Code (password), which every time you enter them provide you with absolute security access to your personal information. Allows you to change your Personal Security Password as often as you wish. The only one who has access to your data is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining its confidentiality and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or leakage you must notify us immediately, otherwise the online store of the website "www.ziras.gr" is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily traceable codes (eg date of birth). Controlled Access (firewall). Access to the systems of the website "www.ziras.gr" (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by customers / users while prohibiting access to systems and databases with confidential data and information the company's. Confidentiality of Transactions. Confidentiality is taken for granted. The same basic principles that govern traditional transactions apply in the case of e-commerce.

    All information transmitted by the user / member of the website "www.ziras.gr" is confidential and the company has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that it is necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures that have been taken are the following: Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to process your applications. The company does not disclose the details of customers and their transactions, unless it has a written authorization from you or this is required by law or a court decision or decision of another public authority. You can request any information kept about you as well as their correction in case you can document the existence of an error. For your own safety, you should also treat all information provided through the service as confidential and confidential and not make any disclosure to third parties. In any case, the online store of the website "www.ziras.gr" in no way discloses or publishes your personal data and information that you trust us for advertising purposes and is used exclusively for the execution of your transactions. All information is encrypted and stored in complete security.


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    Use of Cookies

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    If you have questions, comments about the management or protection of your personal data by the company or if you wish to modify your personal data or exercise any of your rights as a data subject, please contact us at info@ziras.gr