Products - Humanscale

    PATH's unique “Weight Compensation Mechanism” means that 95% of the population can sit comfortably on the chair, unlike most chairs, which only consider an overall target at the 50th percentile average weight of all genders. Humanscale considers everyone and every body type when chairs are designed.
    PATH is a revolution for everyday work aspect, combining integrated ergonomic support with a customizable aesthetic that fits any environment, whether in-office or at home, and various functions, fulfilling executive, operative, meeting needs. The chair Incorporates nearly 10 kilograms (22 lbs.) of recycled material, including fishing nets from the ocean, which is the most harmful form of pollution to our marine ecosystems.

    Key Features:
    • Net Positive certification means every PATH manufactured offsets climate change.
    PATH is yours with a 15-year warranty.